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HM-10-11 Self learning firmware V707 released

                   HM-10/11 CC2540/1
 -Modify AT+ADDR<P1> command
  AT+ADDR<P1> command used to change module MAC.
  Query command AT+ADDR?
  Setup command AT+ADDR<P1>
  P1: 12 Bytes, MAC string.
 -Add AT+UART command
  AT+UART<P1> command used to switch UART wake function when module in sleep mode.
  P1: 1 Byte, possible value ?, 0, 1
      ?: Query
      0: Open UART wake function (default value)
      1: Close UART wake function.
 -Add AT+READOF command
  AT+READOF<P1><P2>?, used to read long char value
  P1: 2 Bytes, Start Index.
  P2: 4 Bytes, Char Handle.
 -Modify AT+CO command
  AT+CO<P1><P2>[P3][P4][P5], used to make connection.
  P1:  1 Byte,  Devie type.
  P2: 12 Bytes, Device MAC
  P3:  4 Bytes, Notify Handle
  P4:  4 Bytes, Write Handle
  P5:  2 Bytes, Write property.
  P1 and P2 must be input;
 -Add AT+INDICA_ON command
-Made wakeup function better
-Add AT+PACK command used to modify data in Advertisement package.
 P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P6 length all is 2.
 P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P6 value 00~FF
 -Add AT+SET_WAY command

-Default baud rate change to 115200
-Removed AT+ANCS command
-Removed AT+COMP command
-Removed AT+128B command
-Added new function used to support different brand BLE device
-Added AT+FINDSERVICES? command
-Added AT+FINDALLCHARS? command
-Added AT+NOTIFY_ON command
-Added AT+NTOIFYOFF command
-Added AT+READCHAR command
-Added AT+CHAR command
-Added AT+READDATA command
-Added AT+READDESC command
-Added AT+SEND_DATA command

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