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HM-10-11 firmware V703 released

-Add AT+NOTIFY_ON command
-Add AT+INDICA_ON command
-Add AT+READDATA command
-Add AT+SET_WAY command
-Add AT+SEND_DATA command

-Add AT+MPIO command used to control multi-pios in one AT command
  P1: 000 ~ 3FF
  000 or 3FF is HEX format, change to binary format is 0000000000 or 1111111111,
  left side to right side maped PIO2 ~ PIOB
-Modify AT+CO command, added WriteUuid and NotifyUuid support in one AT command.
 P0: Device type, 1 Byte length
 P1: Device MAC, 12 Bytes length
 P2: Device Write Property UUID, 4 Bytes length
 P3: Device Notify Property UUID, 4 Bytes length
-Support freestyle
 Changed friendly interface, AT Command got more style through UART.
 Such as AT command, aT, At, at, AT\r\n, At\r\n, at\r\n, all allowed.
Modify AT+FFE2 command add parameters '2'
AT+FFE2 to query or change if use two UUID.
P1: ?   --Query
P1: 0   --Only use one Characteristic.
P1: 1   --Use two Characteristic, Second Characteristic value = first Characteristic value + 1
P1: 2   --Use two Characteristic, Second Characteristic value = first Characteristic value - 1
First Characteristic could use AT+CHAR command to setup.
Modify AT+SHOW command, add parameter '2' and parameter '3'
AT+SHOW used to query or set if show device name or device RSSI value when execute a discovery proceudre
P1: ?  -- Query
P1: 0  -- Dont show name or RSSI value
P1: 1  -- Show name
P1: 2  -- Show RSSI value
P1: 3  -- Show name and RSSI value
RSSI value total length is 14 Bytes.
RSSI value format "OK+RSSI:\r\n"
                  : 4 Bytes RSSI value

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