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HM-10_11 firmware V550 Released

                   HM-10/11 CC2540/1 V550=======================================================================Modify AT+FFE2 command add parameters '2'AT+FFE2<P1> to query or change if use two UUID.P1: ?   --QueryP1: 0   --Only use one Characteristic.P1: 1   --Use two Characteristic, Second Characteristic value = first Characteristic value + 1P1: 2   --Use two Characteristic, Second Characteristic value = first Characteristic value - 1First Characteristic could use AT+CHAR command to setup.
Modify AT+SHOW command, add parameter '2' and parameter '3'AT+SHOW<P1> used to query or set if show device name or device RSSI value when execute a discovery proceudreP1: ?  -- QueryP1: 0  -- Dont show name or RSSI valueP1: 1  -- Show nameP1: 2  -- Show RSSI valueP1: 3  -- Show name and RSSI value
RSSI value total length is 14 Bytes.RSSI value format "OK+RSSI:<P1>\r\n"                  <P1>: 4 Bytes RSSI value
                                                HMSoft                                                2017.7
V547=======================================================================Add AT+DISA? command used to search devices and return full informationPossible return string format:OK+DISS  --> Search startOK+DISA:<P1><P2><P3><P4><P5>OK+DISE  --> Search end
P1: Device Address [6Bytes]P2: Device Type [1Byte]P3: Device RSSI [1Byte]P4: Rest data length [1Byte]P5: Rest data

                                               HMSoft                                               2017.04V546=======================================================================Add AT+128B<P1> command used to connect slave device who is using 128 bits UUIDP1: ?  ----- QueryP1: 0  ----- Doesnt use 128 Bits UUID, Default value.P1: 1  ----- Use 128 Bit UUIDPlease use HM模块学习功能指令生成器.exe to create AT Commands.
                                                HMSoft                                                2016.12

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